Black Trumpet (Craterllus Cornucopioides), a relative of the Chanterelle, and otherwise elegantly known as Horn of Plenty, is considered a great delicacy, being one of the most eagerly sought-after choice wild edible mushrooms. This fruity-fragrant, brittle fleshed mushroom is shaped like an inverted trumpet or vase, with a black to very dark gray cap about 2-7cm wide, a wavy irregular fringe at the margin that is frequently curved in when the mushroom is young, and a waxy, smooth to slightly rough or wrinkled charcoal-gray-black outer surface, with an interior of velvety black, fading in age to brown-black.

Rehydrate for 1-2 hours and rinse well before use. The morels need to be heated up or cooked before being eaten.

Serving suggestion:
The dried black trumpet is an ideal side dish for duck or veal, and lends itself perfectly to the preparations with egg (omelet, scrambled eggs).
The horn of plenty can also serve to realize friendly tarts and forest pies. WIt can also be used in pat├ęs or terrines